1 August 2018

Website Vs. WebApp

You have a great idea that is going to change the world, or make you lots or money, or both. You get some funding to take your idea from concept to product and you know it needs to be something that should be accessed through internet. You find a development company that says they can help you make your vision come true. You call them up, schedule a meeting, and you say to yourself, “I’m going to make this happen.” Your meeting comes up and you make your way over to the development company’s office. You sit down with a very odd bunch of people who smile at you and make you feel like you are making the best decision of your life. Then the first person quickly asks you a question that makes you panic immediately, “Do you need a website or web application?”

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30 July 2018

Inclusive Marketing

Jade Baranski from Joylab gave a workshop where they dove into the overt (and covert) messages that marketing is sending to your clients and community. Check out the highlights of this Inclusive Marketing Training in this video.

26 July 2018


As an agency, we send a lot of business to printing companies. Our clients may need new signage, postcards, business cards, or brochures, just to name a few, and while we do a lot of design, we don’t produce the physical collateral in-house. As we looked for partner printing firms to help us, we managed to find some amazing union print shops, but found that not too many people knew about them. Given the importance of their work, and supporting other businesses for good, we decided to publish a quick guide to a few union print shops in Denver, and online, that we can personally vouch for!

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24 July 2018

Is All Visual Data Valuable? Depends.

When we make recommendations at JoyLab, we know that we need to not only back them up with data, but that we need to do it well. We can spew numbers, but without the proper context and logic, they almost always fall flat. In short, without proper context and presentation, a statistic is about as useful to you as a lie.

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