We aren’t just the agency of Joy. We’re the makers of Joy.


You know that person whose life is marked by genuine joy? Like they’re so fucking happy with their own life that it spills over into the every interaction? Jade’s cousin, Joy Walsh, is  one such person, and the reason we named our company JoyLab. By simply being her wonderful self, Joy shows what impact one individual’s extravagant kindness can have in changing the world.


The strategy of marketing is both an art and a science. As the word “lab” implies, the foundation of our work is in-depth research. We take an integrated approach to finding the perfect strategies that fit the unique brands of each client, using innovative approaches to the challenges and roadblocks you face. As a marketing agency, we leverage our expertise of messaging strategy to be a force of change in the world.


As messaging gurus, we can spin the meaning of our name multiple ways. Maybe the co stands for the kickass level of collaboration we bring to our clients. Maybe it stands for the great state of Colorado. Maybe it’s what we had to add to our website name because “joylab.com” was already taken. It’s a mystery.

our source commitments

  • Integrity: Above all, we’re all about living in line with who we say we are.
  • Generosity: We operate from a place of abundance — in our attitudes, energy, and resources, we work together to move everyone forward.
  • Growth: We’re excited about growing in our craft; constantly exploring and asking questions and believing the best is yet to come.
  • Effectiveness: Let’s draw on each other’s collective strengths to get shit done well and in a timely manner? (we could all be playing outside, after all!)
  • Empowerment: We believe in being the catalyst for instilling confidence in each individual’s unique superpowers — looking for ways to remove financial and systemic roadblocks.
  • Awesomeness: We’re unapologetically playful humans. High-fives, pop culture references, and dance parties are how we roll.

(p.s. JoyLab is M/WBE, SBE, EBE and DBE certified)

meet our team

We’re a team of super fucking fun people invested in making the world a better place. Each of us brings exceptional talents to the table, as well as a genuine dedication and passion for social justice. We bring this team dynamic to invest in the organizations, bringing collaboration and communication to a whole new level.  

Jade Baranski

Producer of the Joy


Stevie Caldarola

Loud Laugher
Director of Operations


Jade is the perfect combination of visionary and action. They have a knack for seeing the big picture of marketing, and finding out-of-the-box ways to bring an authentic cohesive message that sparks joy and ignites change. With a genuine enthusiasm fueling everything they do, Jade works to increase our collective impact, one partner at a time.

We’re not quite sure how Stevie does it, but she’s incredible at creating new systems and efficient processes that serve our clients well. Constantly looking for ways to maximize effectiveness, she takes a hands-on approach to everything. From start to finish she’s invested in finding the right touch to exceed expectations, while simultaneously doing every fun thing that could exist in Denver.

Holly Scholl

Chronic Optimist


Max Spiro

Fun Machine
Jr. Project Manager


Holly is able to distill the essence of JoyLab into each and every one of her designs. Her exceptional talent paired with a desire to truly capture a client’s vision makes her one of the most collaborative people we know. She’s also one of those amazing humans who will simply compliment you, out of nowhere, just for funsies.

Max is the  backbone to the “why” of JoyLab. He works on a variety of tasks, from market research and survey creation to brand messaging and copy editing our written content. He is the “yes man” that can and will do anything you ask of him – but only after a witty response or millennial pop culture reference.

Erin Gallagher

Spontaneous Dancer
Content Specialist


Erin might just be the most clever person we’ve ever met. Sometimes she uses her razor-sharp wit to win free tickets to a Ludicrous concert (by renaming rappers with animal names), but most of the time she channels that creative energy into developing kickass content and giving dimensionality to the work that we do at JoyLab.

meet a few of our partners

We work with several super local partners to maximize resources, reach, and impact for all of our clients.

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3327 Brighton Blvd Denver, CO 80216

Certs: M/WBE → SBE → DBE → EBE

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